Vocabulary Learning Strategy: Word Maps

Unit three introduces us into a very interesting topic: crime. However, I have noticed that you may find difficult to learn and remember such a large quantity of new words. Apart from listing the unit´s new vocabulary in our notebook and adding the Catalan/Spanish translation next to each word, I think it will be a good idea for you to practise another vocabulary learning strategy which is creating word maps.

Word maps, as you can see in the picture, are a spider diagram which starts with the main word (topic word) in the centre and provides a word connected to the topic at the end of each line.

You can use different colours and pictures which may help you remember words even better, especially if you have a visual mind. Sometimes it is also advisable to use the new word in a sentence as an example of how to use it.

In this unit you are going to make a word map using the word CRIME as the topic word. For each word you must provide the meaning/definition (in English), a picture which illustrates the type of crime and a sentence using it (do not use the one from the textbook). This will be done as an eportfolio aritfact which will be included in the vocabulary page of your site. For further instructions on how to do this task, read HERE.

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