Because Kindness Matters: Random Act of Kindness

This is the letter students and teachers have received to become aware of the importance of being kind to others. This has also been the official announcement of the activity to be done during the cultural week.

Imagine a world ....

  • where people look out for each other.

  • where we all pay it forward.

  • where success is measured in selfless acts.

  • where kindness is the philosophy of life.

It’s easy to think of kindness as an innate talent, something you either possess... or don’t.

But that’s not the case. Kindness is a skill – and like any skill, it can be developed with practice and repetition.

This week we will perform random acts of kindness towards others. I encourage you to partake in these acts daily and maybe join in on the fun as well!

Acts of kindness are not only special for the receiver, but also for the doer! I would love to see more kindness in the classroom, halls and on the playgrounds.

Thank you!

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