Pen Pal Project with Mansfield

Dear Passengers,

Last school year (2017-18) a pen pal project was started between our 2nd ESO students at INS Flix and students studying Spanish at Quarters Middle School in Mansfield.

To be part of this project you need to know and accept the conditions that rule it.

  • Each student will receive, and write in exchange, a letter to the assigned partner (pen pal). You must commit to writing to your pen pal. You can imagine how frustrating it must be to be the only one not receiving a letter.

  • Letters will be handwritten and must follow the teacher's instructions as regards a fixed content which will vary depending on the calendar and/or the curriculum in class.

  • Letters must be put in an envelope on the front of which you will write the name of your pen pal and your own name. No address or stamp will be needed since all letters will be sent together in a big envelope to the school. Teachers will be in charge of delivering them to students.

FROM: your name TO: your pen pal's name

  • Once the letters arrive and are delivered by your teacher, you will be told about the new topic for the letter and you will be given a deadline. You MUST hand in the letter on the deadline so that all the letters can be sent on the fix date. Students who do not comply with this rule will have his/her pen pal removed.


Writing to your pen pal is like having a conversation with him/her but on paper. You must:

  • Greet your pen pal. Write an introductory phrase and comment on what he/she has told you.

  • Share what you have been doing. Write about a pet, what you have done since your last letter. You can even write about the weather, etc.

  • Ask Questions. Make sure you include a few questions to keep the conversation going. It also shows you are interested in what he/she has to say too.

  • Personalize It. Get creative. Include drawings, add stickers or little things that show your personality. It doesn’t have to be big or grand.

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