Poetry with Augmented Reality! Daffodils

Dear Passengers,

Back with poetry again!

"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by William Wordsworth is one of the best known and loved poems in the English literature. Since I was first introduced to the Romantics poets as back as 1991, I have always wanted to show and share this poem with my students.

My dream has come true this school year. I´m glad I have taken so long to teach this wonderful poem because "teaching" poetry is quite a difficult task and I did not want to do it in the way my teachers had done with me.

I wanted to do it in a playful manner, discovering the poem little by little with no previous approach to the written version but to its sounds and musicality. And that is what technology allows you to do now. I used Augmented reality to put together images and sounds to let poetry bloom and show its best. You can see the didactic sequence HERE.

After some other activities whose aim were to get to know about the poem, the author and the literary movement they finally drew one of Emily Dickinson´s short poem using its literal meaning. Students found that activity a bit awkward (do we really have to draw in the English class?) but the result was quite surprising. Watch the presentations below.

I´m not sure whether students can appreciate all the technology that surrounds them and the amazing possibilities and amenities it can provide to learning. What I´m sure is I´m proud of their work and that´s why I bring two samples of it to you today.

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