Design For Change: Working on School Climate

Students at INS Flix have worked on School Climate. We have used the methodology we learnt at the LAB I CAN "Design for Change"

After giving students the topic, they brainstormed ideas and wrote them down on post-it notes. When they ran out of ideas, they classified them in different groups and provided each group with a sub topic tilte. In the following session, each group of ideas was further developed and worked by two students.

This was the result after ideas had been grouped.

If you want to see our work, just visit our PADLET

In small groups, students worked on each of these aspects. After brainstorming suggestions for improvement, they decided on a scope of action. The following poster reflects the ideas and proposals for change:

Some of the proposals would need to be presented to the board of directors and therefore students had to write formal letters addressed to them.

Students would also campaign to make all the students at INS Flix aware of the importance of not littering the playground in order to have a better place to play.

Students would also like the possibility of listening to music during the last 10/15 minutes of class when teachers give them that time to do exercises.

Students feel stressed if teachers set all the exams at the same time. Why not sharing a google calendar with them and agree on the best dates? Let them take part in managing time!

They also feel they need a bigger bulletin board in the classroom. The one they have is too small and they cannot have all the information close at hand.

What could be done to improve the teacher-student relationship? We finally came up with the idea of organising a scratch off raffle to perform a random act of kindness. Simple things as being kind to one another would surely help improve our school climate. Learn about this initiative HERE and HERE

Finally, students wanted a more participative and more active role in the classes. They would like to use theatre to perform historical events, literary periods, novels they must read, more roleplay activities in the foreign language classes. Sure this can be a new challenge for teachers!

In April-May students wrote formal letters to the board of directors asking for some of these changes.

A couple of students designed posters to encourage students to be responsible and clean especially in the playground.

During the Cultural Week (24th-28th April) we held our raffle and both students and teachers had the chance to be even kinder to others by carrying out a random act of kindness. Everybody had the chance to reflect on this action.

Finally, we have created a video of all the long process and we have shared it with ALL OF YOU.

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