Interactive version of Shakespeare´s Facebook Wall

Dear passengers,

It´s three weeks now that Shakespeare is among us. Students have had the chance to get out of the classroom and use their smart phones to scan and listen/watch all the audiovisual material posted in his wall. They have also interacted with it and left messages which we glued next to each post.

In addition, some 1st BAT students have dared sing sonnet 18 to a rap rhythm. They have also created a karaoke rap version of it and even funny video clips which are still to come. Watch the final products HERE. In the meantime, I have created an interactive version of Shakespeare´s wall using the amazing tool Genial·ly so that everybody can enjoy it.

Finally, to make it fully interactive, I haven´t forgotten about the possibility of you reader leaving a comment on both the audiovisual material and the activity itself. So, in the virtual wall you will also find a link to a padlet board to leave your comments. I´ll be glad to hear from you.

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