Because Kindness Matters: Random Act of Kindness II

It has always struck me the fact that students hardly ever greet their teachers when they meet or come across in the school corridors. It is so shocking! On the other hand, when working with my students on how to improve the school climate, one of the aspects they would like to change is the way teachers and students relate and the way students deal with each other. However, they did not come up with any idea on how to carry out any action that may favour a better relationship at school.

That´s when I started figuring out how to tackle this matter in a playful and diverting way. I had been gathering resources to work on kindness one day. I found out that in North American schools, kindness is celebrated in February and students are encouraged to do a random act of kindness to others as part of teaching values at school. I thought that was great!

On the other hand, I had been searching for a way to make my own scratch off cards. It is curious how easily you can create your own paint. However, I thought it would be so much hard work to apply this technique to make so many cards. That was when I started to think about the possibility of buying stickers - surely they must exist!

Luckily, I discovered they existed and they were quiet inexpensive. Eureka! I had it!

I ordered the scratch off stickers and as soon as I knew the size (there are plenty of sizes to choose) I started creating the cards.

First I designed the base (one for students and another one for teachers) and then I wrote the acts of kindness in each square to be later covered by the sticker. I thought that such an activity deserved a reflection after carrying out the act of kindness. That is why both students and teachers sign a pledge to do the act and are later encouraged to reflect on how their act has made them feel.

The activity has been done as part of the tutoring classes in the cultural week (24th-28th April).

I´ll keep you informed on the progress and the results!

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