Fairy Tales with a Twist

A few months ago, I compiled some of the best read aloud and read along websites for children. The tales you can find there are so varied and so much fun! I wanted to finish my school year with 1st ESO students reading and enjoying a tale which has some characteristics of fairy tales (so foreseeable) and some others more surprising and eye-opening.

Why not make students aware that classic fairy tales are full of stereotype characters that do not fit in real life anymore? Why can't girls be as brave as boys? or do the same things they do?

By analysing classic fairy tales students will discover attitudes and behaviours that are no longer valid in our society. The Paper Bag Princess, although set in a medieval atmosphere, will show a completely new perspective on girls´ role in fairy tales. Why should girls wait for prince charming to rescue them when they can decide for themselves and take the helm and steer in their own direction?

A complete didactic sequence to exploit Robert Munsch´ story and a challenge to become the season´s best teller.

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