Pen Pal Project: Keeping track of your letters

Dear passengers,

You are about to get to know your Pen Pal. He/She will be someone who speaks English, learns Spanish and studies at a high school in Mansfield, Massachusetts (USA).

When you read your Pen Pal’s letters, you can practice reading in English. They will also write something in Spanish so that they can practise it with you. You can also learn about the culture and customs of the United States. When you write a letter to your Pen Pal, you will write something in English and something in Spanish. Your teacher will decide and tell you what part you have to write in each language. You will also have the chance to send him/her pictures, worksheets, coins and bank notes, etc.

In order to keep track of all the letters you write and the goodies you send, you will use the grid you will find in the enclosed file. In it you will also write down the main topic for the letter and the language in which it must be written. And of course, very important, the deadline. Bear in mind that if you don´t hand in the letter on time, you will have your pen pal removed.

In our next session we will deal with what to write in our first letter.

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