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Dear Passengers,

Welcome back to this space. It´s been a whole school year you haven´t heard from me, which does not mean the site has stopped developing. In fact, it has been quite the reverse. New activities and project initiatives have been added but no comment has been written on my part basically due to lack of time.

However, here I am again with renewed energies after an exhausting academic year in and out of school.

The school year we are starting today will not be very different from last year considering the course levels I will be teaching. Yet, we got good news last August when we were informed that our school´s Erasmus+ project based on entrepreneurship had been approved by the Spanish National Agency (sepie). That certainly makes a great difference. After designing the project together with the Danish partner, our school will be leading a European project which I will be coordinating. A group of teachers will be working together sharing learning-by-doing methodologies with a same objective in mind so that a group of students have the chance to interact and collaborate with their Danish partners. A project whose development you will get to know in this blog, too.

Hopefully, in a few days we will meet our Danish partners and the project will start its path. In the meantime, a two-day training session in Madrid for coordinators will be the starting shot.

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